Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board

People Love It

Membership is a no-brainer in my mind. When you balance the cost vs. the value received, it actually saves you money. The ideas I’ve brought back have improved our employer brand and candidate reach. John Graham Jr., Amgen

Our program has grown tremendously, and I credit the Board for that. Because of the information we get here, we’re able to make more informed decisions and move faster. When our finance team asked us to validate some of the costs and savings in a proposed project, I used Fast Feedback to ask other companies how they made their business case. Within hours, I had two companies willing to talk with me about their experiences. Tisha Backer, C.H. Robinson

The Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board is a great way to gain insights and meet people who have the same questions you do. I appreciate having immediate access to ask HR, TA, and EBM leaders questions through the Fast Feedback forum and having the chance to deep dive on calls on timely topics like how organizations are approaching diversity in their marketing materials or switching their campus recruiting strategy from an in-person to a virtual experience. What I’ve learned has truly helped me make better, more strategic decisions. Kristin McMillen, Citizens Financial Group

There are no vendors, so we are free to talk with other practitioners and share strategies. It’s very valuable! Allison Brown, AbbVie

It's been wonderful being a part of the Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board. The exposure to different insights, ideas, and best practices has been helpful to our own TA strategy, as well as understanding what other leaders in the space are doing. Hanady Khourshid, CDW

The community has been a great resource for us. We can now talk about employer brand in a much more intelligent way -- it's been a huge help. The Board has been worth every penny and then some! Kumari Williams, Harman International

When it comes to benchmarking in the Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board, I think one of the greatest values and benefits for me is when I take a proposal to leadership, I can show clear examples of other companies who are literally doing the exact same thing. Raj Suri, Intel

What I find most helpful about the group is that vendors aren’t involved, so there are no sales pitches or follow up sales emails. It’s good to know we’re all in the same boat and can work through the same things together. It’s easy to feel like you’re going through these things alone, but you’re not -- this is a great sounding board. This (joining the community) is a no-brainer. Jacki Summey, Ally

An organization's employer brand fuels the success of talent acquisition. Both elements work to achieve a common goal: to attract and hire the best possible candidates. The new and improved Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board allows for an exchange of ideas, learning, and collaboration across both elements, providing an opportunity to measure and improve all of your organization's talent efforts. Sarah Steele, Bosch

I love the interactions and conversations that include both high-level strategy and detailed tactics and results. CHARLOTTE JONES, LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION

Great atmosphere, great people, great conversations and great topics. Casie Shimansky, Cisco

Community conversations are very much about sharing best practices and learnings. It’s about working together to solve problems that we’re all going through. CARMEN MASON, ENTERPRISE HOLDINGS

The Talent Acquisition & Marketing Board is like benchmarking on steroids. JARED NYPEN, GREAT CLIPS