CSR Board

People Love It

In my 20 years in the corporate citizenship and philanthropy profession, I have found participation in the CSR Board to be one of the most beneficial memberships yet. Casey Cortese, Charles Schwab

There is absolutely no question that this group is worth the money. The information and resources you can get through this community is stuff consultants and agencies can’t get access to. Members will share their metrics, their approach, and their experiences with consultants. That will save you the cost of membership in one exercise. Paul Pellizzari, Hard Rock International

The CSR Board is such a trusted resource for our field. I love participating on the calls and using the resource center. The community is extremely helpful and provides a lot of great 'back-up' for our internal conversations. Melissa Hazelwood, Ferguson Enterprises

Our team is thrilled to be part of this group. The ongoing conversations and collaboration are invaluable. Dennis Duquette, MassMutual

In addition to my sustainability role, we have active representation in the CSR Board from our charitable foundation and our corporate marketing organization. Between the three of us, I think we’re all going to learn more and achieve our goals. John Mulcahy, Georgia-Pacific

The CSR Board is my go-to source of information. I'm so inundated with a constant stream of information, but all the conversations in this community are easy to digest, valuable, high quality, and strategic. They filter out all of the lower-level, purely administrative topics and keep it at the programmatic level -- just like they said they would. Stacy Cline, GoDaddy

The CSR Board's value has certainly shined during this challenging time. The member calls -- with companies of a similar size and employee base as ours -- and discussions have justified the financial spend we made on membership in the last month alone. The peer-to-peer insight and benchmarking we’ve gained is critical in helping us move things along, particularly with all of our teams so tapped out during the COVID-19 crisis. I appreciate their individual outreach and would recommend them to any leaders in this space. Matt Turner, Hertz

Joining the CSR Board is the best thing we have done. During this unprecedented time, we get access to and participate in unique, high-quality conversations with the CSR Board that we don’t get anywhere else. Erin Guzman, Synopsys

The CSR Board is the most valuable, well-run group I have ever participated in. They do an excellent job facilitating connections and leading really good, robust discussions on timely issues. Every discussion I’ve participated in, whether 1:1, conference call, or in-person, I’ve walked away with meaningful, actionable information to help me do my job better. Nicole Bott, Red Lobster

The sheer support from the CSR Board and the overwhelming desire to support employees and the world however they can is uplifting. It gives us hope to hear all the good that is happening from corporate America. Their ideas on assistance funds, volunteerism, charitable giving, etc. have been a great way to think through what our programs will look like as things evolve. We’re feeling very grateful for this group right now. Catherine Jones and Chris Doucet, Ace Hardware

We've learned a lot about what our peers are doing in the space and heard things we hadn’t done before. It helps to justify if you want to try something new -- being able to benchmark with your peers is very helpful. Buffy Swinehart, Aflac

The CSR Board has been really helpful. With pre-vetted choices, we could quickly add to our philanthropic giving options -- it saved me a lot of time to not redo what’s already been done by others. We picked the three most popular and talked-about choices on the Board and gave a 200% match from our foundation. In two days, we’ve raised $40,000. Sharon Vidal, Illumina

Tuning in to the social unrest discussions alone made our membership fees worth it. We're happy participants, thank you! Krista Ortwein, Olympus